Johan Fundin’s Twisted Shadows is full-tilt suspense entertainment jam-packed with explosive thrills. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and James Patterson.

Three young women’s interests collide when the founder of a groundbreaking biotechnology company dies under mysterious circumstances.

“Johan Fundin has a gift for creating atmosphere”

Catriona is a hot multimillionaire supermodel. But her life is far from perfect. Cat is being stalked by a creature in a black raincoat. Who is he… or it?

Janice, Cat’s twin sister, is a deformed and reclusive pub waitress. To most people, Jan is a disgusting monster.

Ebba, Cat’s best friend and supermodel colleague, is living on the edge. Where is the limit?

In connection with the bizarre death of the founder of a pioneering biotech institute, Cat, Jan and Ebba are drawn into a horrifying conspiracy with global consequences.

Release: Summer 2018